The Red Room is our in-house performance space. Check out the Red Room site for a current calendar of upcoming performances and films. Rupert Wondolowski of Normals is the organizer and MC of Shattered Wig Nights - those feverish baccanals of poetry, music and performance. You can see the next Wig Night here when it's scheduled. On the abNormals side, we're also sponsoring a page for the The 14Karat Cabaret!


Before Normals even existed, there was "The Shattered Wig Review," "Dialectical Immaterialism Press," and other printed accumulations of craziness and wisdom. Click here to get the lowdown on publications connected with Normals, including the book-length anthology of writing and drawings by Dr. Al Ackerman, Mok Hossfeld's perverse-metaphysical "Doña Juana," and more.


Web Linkery

This section will expanded ...sometime! to be its own page, with more book- and music- and fresh cutting edge poetry related links. For now, check these out:
Narrow House Recordings
Rock Heals, 

Roots Cafe, Little Gruntpack,
the  Creative Alliance;
Pasadena's Soulgasm Records;

Rupert Wondolowski's Bright Paintings For Near Dark

Local mondo-bookstore Atomic Books, the  the American Visionary Art Museum, the mighty, many-tentacled embracer of Baltimore arts The Signal and Isaac's Hot Link of the Week .

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