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Eldritch Pulchritude

From The Obscure to The Indispensable

We like to think we serve up a heady cultural brew of books, records, cds, dvds and magazines, having survived some janky economies including The Great Recession, The Feverish Kindle Delusion and The Beige Downloading Event.

We buy books, records (and sometimes cds and dvds), usually Tuesday through Saturdays, 12 to 5. We are mainly looking for philosophy, Eastern religion, ancient Greek and Roman classics, mythology, classic literature, speculative science fiction, contemporary fiction authors like Octavia Butler, James Baldwin, Italo Calvino, Murakami, W.G. Sebald, Cormac McCarthy etc.

In music we look for modern Jazz, electronic, punk rock, krautrock, new wave, classic soul, hip hop, tropicalia, experimental.

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