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Word on the Street

Testimonials: Testimonials

“I Live for a good bookstore and this is one of the GEMS. I love this place. I want to live in this bookstore. If you are a lover of old bookstores--GO! Fantastic selection of current and counterculture classics in books and records.“

Christy Fricks


“I lived around the corner for years and never heard of this place. Discovered it a few months ago and I go multiple times every month, even though I live 40+ mins away in Harford County now. Always worth the trip and their prices are definitely fair. If I still lived in the city I would be here multiple times a week. Not only do they have books AND records, they have a very wide selection in each. I love jazz, philosophy and literature and he has deep selections of them all. I love this place and wish I found it sooner.”

Books With Benjamin


“Best URL & IRL browsing.”

City Paper Best Of Baltimore


“Best One Stop Cultural Hub.”

Best of Baltimore, Baltimore Magazine, 2008


“Normals isn’t.”

Father John Waters


"DJs, jazz legends, writers  - I never know who will walk in our door on Sundays. Yet what's also fun are the first timers looking to expand their minds! “ - DJ Mills

DJ Mills, our Sunday rock, with jazz legend David Murray


Acolytes gathering around Father Higgs at a Christmeastermass show that Daniel put together 3 years in a row on the last Sunday before Christmas.


“ I hadn’t been here in years.. I’ve missed it! Nothing like being in this nurturing space, surrounded and stimulated by great knowledge and music. Amongst their collection of used books I found all that was on my list. Thank you for continuing to stay open and making Baltimore a better place.

Fatma Daglar


Mila Martens.


“I could get lost in this a good way! Great books, great music, great people. Really one of the best places to visit in Baltimore.”

Jason Dougherty


“Hey, my shirt says it all! This store is terrible too. Meh!”

Dr. Dina Varsalone


Professor Drew of Hopkins & Matmos.


Our opening day flyer from June 1st, 1990.


Google “Baltimore used bookstore” and click “I’m feeling lucky.” You will be. The first hit is Normal’s Books & Records, one of the best used shops I’ve ever been to.


Young Laurel of Atlanta

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